Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On diverse biologies and differeing embodiments: nervos

nervos in popular media: 

"Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown":

The actual title refers in Spanish to "un ataque de nervios" which is not actually well translated by "nervous breakdown". "Ataques de nervios" are culture-bound psychological phenomena during which the individual, most often female, displays dramatic outpouring of negative emotions, bodily gestures, occasional falling to the ground, and fainting, often in response to receiving disturbing news or witnessing or participating in an upsetting event.

On diverse biologies and differing embodiments: menopause

"scientific" constructions:

What is "Menopause":

How to "recognize" "menopause":

"Estrogen deficiency" (with a vengeance):

"popular" constructions:

popular constructions around the world:

making menopause, selling solutions: 

hormone replacement therapies:

"not your average herbal remedy"

the new "menopause": 

"male menopause":

"testosterone deficiency"

On placebos and the power of context and culture

What is the placebo effect?

However, what is he taking for granted about the placebo effect?  What does Moerman underscore is true about the placebo effect?